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General Information

  • This is a Minecraft server forums, please remember that at all times.

  • Disrespect towards another user anywhere on the BackYardMCNetwork is not allowed through the means of personal messaging or through the forums.

  • Bullying is not allowed.

  • Blackmailing or threatening other players is not allowed.

  • Sharing personal information on the BackYardMC Forum website is at your own risk.

  • Remember: Your behaviour and actions define BackYardMC as a community; think before you do anything foolish to ruin your reputation or your status on BackYardMC.

Chat Related

  • Use English in the main chat, you can speak other languages through personal messages.

  • Profane language is not allowed.

  • Racism, bigotry, personal threats, or other forms of hate speech are strictly prohibited on BackYardMC Network. This includes racist names, skins, nudity, ****ography, images and graphics.

  • Post farming is not allowed. i.e consecutive amount of posts spammed within a specific time frame, in aims to have a higher post count than someone else.

  • Intentional disrespect towards other players is not allowed.

  • Selling any products for money through the BackYardMC Server forums is not allowed.

  • Advertisements to other Servers, websites, YouTube channels, or products is not allowed, with the exception of content media and showcasing. i.e YouTube video showcases.

  • All forum posts must be at least 1 full sentence (a minimum of 5 words). That means a subject and a predicate. Staff are completely exempt from this as they may be answering questions with yes/no, etc.

    In-Game Chat rules apply to all the types of chat associated on BackYardMC, whether it be public or private..

Content Related

  • All content is to be posted in the correct forum section.

  • Templates are to be used when appropriate.

  • Encouraging rule breaking or abuse of game-play is not allowed. I.e showing the community how to hack, dupe, break rules, etc.

  • Do not post content that you do not rightfully own without giving credit to the correct/original owner. This is considered plagiarism and can be punishable.

  • No offensive comments/material in forum signatures or profile pictures.

  • Forum signatures should not be larger than 300 pixels in height.

  • Bumping threads is only allowed once every 24 hours, as long as no double-posting occurs.

  • Necroposting on threads (reviving dead threads, or threads that were last responded to more than 1 month ago) is not allowed.

  • Starting, encouraging and contributing to server drama discussions is strictly prohibited and not allowed. Doing so will result in the thread being deleted and a forum warning being issued. Continuous drama threads will result in a forum ban.

  • Threads made to insult, offend or hurt other players, the staff, the community or the server is not allowed and will be locked/removed from public view on the first offence and result in a ban on the server forums/in-game.

  • Farewell/goodbye or temporary leave threads are not allowed. This is because it just allows users to post-farm/spam goodbyes and most players that start these threads don't actually leave or come back after a few months.

  • Posting more than once in a row isn't allowed. Use the edit button.


  • Depending on the severity, if any of the Rules above are broken, you will be warned, then temp-banned from the forums on the first offence.

  • If repeated, you will be permanently banned.

  • The staff follow a list of consequences according to the server Rules, however, some consequences can vary and will do depending on the situation.

  • If the punishment on the forums is severe enough, a punishment can be carried out in game.


  • Appeals must be done on our Discord through a support ticket. Staff members will not accept appeals through private message. 

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